NPI Award for Component Storage

SMD storage

Storagesolutions and Juki Automation Systems Receive the 2017 NPI Award for SMD Storage


Storage Solutions, a division of ESSEGI SYSTEM SERVICE s.r.l., together with Juki Automation Systems (JAS), Inc., a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and systems and part of Juki Automation Systems Corporation, today announced that the companies were awarded a joint 2017 NPI Award. The award was presented to the companies in the Component Storage category for the new ISM UltraFlex 3600 during a Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017 ceremony that took place at the San Diego Convention Center during the IPC APEX EXPO.


JAS, Inc. CEO Bob Black commented: "This award from Circuits Assembly further confirms the world-leading position of Storagesolutions as the clear market leader in automated component storage.  The features and lowest cost per reel or tray ensure our growth will continue. We look forward to a great show here this week meeting with many customers to discuss their component handling needs."


The UltraFlex 3600 is able to dynamically adjust the internal subdivision of space to accommodate changing mixes of reel heights from 8 up to 88mm, and diameters from 7 to 15". The new case designs allow storage of JEDEC trays on ANY case format (both 7 and 15" wide).


The ISM UltraFlex 3600 offers the utmost in flexiblity, storage capacity, intelligence and ROI in the industry.  It can communicate across a wide variety of vendor platforms. Capable of providing up to 54 reels for production simultaneously, the ISM3600 can read low parts, warning to output the required reel in advance.  With the capability to grow reels up to 88mm in height, the ISM3600 is the next piece in building out your smart factory.  


The new machine and case designs enable the UltraFlex 3600 to store a maximum number of 3600 7"-8mm reels, but can accept any mix of reel sizes. During idle time, the machine will automatically sort cases to optimize the distribution of reels of different formats, always providing the maximum possible storage capacity.


The system can communicate with all major brands of SMT placement systems and software updates are available at no additional cost. The optional dehumidification kit can keep the internal relative humidity below the five percent level during all standard operations.


Premiering in 2008, the NPI Awards program is an annual celebration of product excellence in electronics surface mount assembly. Premier products based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts.


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Publishing date

13 March 2017