Humidity control

Precise and accurate traceability of SMD components

Module for humidity control

The optional module for humidity control keeps the RH inside the store below 5%. The floor life is managed thanks to the appropriate add-on software module.
The operation is very easy. When the call is incoming, the operator can assign a MS class for each type of component. As soon as a component is out of the store and outdoor humidity is above 5%, the clock starts to reduce the "floor life" time. When the component is placed within the store, the clock stops.
Once the floor life has expired the software will highlight the component and alert the operator whenever he will attempt to use that component for a production cycle. With a simple click you can remove all items that need to be regenerated and similarly you can reset the floor life when the baking is completed. You can also print a report for each unique ID (reel, bag etc.)


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product Module for humidity control

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