Munich, Germany – November 12 – 15


Essegi Automation is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting our world leading product range at Productronica, Hall A3, Stand 139

Please join us to see and experience the new IMS Incoming Material Station, which speeds the receipt, identification, and tracking of incoming electronic components and materials.  This steeply reduces the time needed for the receiving process, saves labor cost, and notifies the ERP and/or MES systems of the immediate availability of the material for production.

The workhorse of component storage the 3600 and its expansion partner, the 3900 will be shown.  Equipped with the MIM/EEM modules to allow fully automatic access to the towers for delivery and retrieval of components without human assistance.  An Automatic Vehicle will pick up and deliver parts live on the show floor.  With the 3600/3900/MIM combo, up to 10,000 reels can be stored in under 11 square meters of floor space!

The MIM (Multuple Interface Module) and EEM (External Elevator Module) allow any 3600 or 3900 to be interfaced with an automated vehicle, and can be added later as the user requires.

A back to back configuration featuring two 3600 units will be displayed.  This configuration stores up to 7300 reels and uses only 7.5 square meters of floor space.  One application for this configuration could be through the wall of a clean room, allowing passage of components without contamination.

Back to Back also gives the possibility to load on one side and extract from the opposite side for better material flow.

The full suite of Essegi software tools will be displayed, including the newly developed “Consigned Inventory Segregation” feature for EMS companies which allow storage of both customer-owned and company owned parts in the same unit while ensuring that the customer-owned parts are only used for that customer’s product.


As an added bonus, an Optical Control component counting x-ray will be shown integrated with an MIM module from Essegi.  This concept introduction will in future allow cycle-counts of any reel or trays stored in an Essegi unit attached to that MIM.


Please visit us to see the vast array of possibilities Essegi Automation offers in the journey to Industry 4.0

Publishing date

14 October 2019