New SMD storage

From 16 to 18 May 2017, the Nürnberg Messe exhibition center in Nuremberg (Germany) hosted the SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibition. The SMT is of utmost importance, in Europe, for the integration systems applied to microelectronics. It is an event that allows specialized firms to share proven ideas and cutting-edge solutions in a sector that require the right balance between experience and innovation.

ESSEGI System Service took that opportunity to present the new ISM Ultraflex 1800 store, which allows assemblers to work in small spaces, prohibitive for other systems.


Winning features of ISM Ultraflex 1800:

- 1838 rolls in 2,4 m2 - 54 rolls available in 20 seconds

- Industry 4.0 ready

- "Auto-incoming" software that significantly accelerates the input of materials, compatible with management, MES, and pick and place software.


Advantages: time and space saving – no errors - constant moisture control - traceability of each component - increased ROI

Publishing date

01 June 2017