The ISM System

Parola Chiave

Speed without precision: a cost for the company


The new Pick & Place technology is more and more oriented to the increase in speed of assembly. Today you can get to 65,000 components per hour. But a fast assembly, without control of supply, may likely upset production. Defective parts, waste of time, lack of components, decreased productivity, are the consequences of poor management of the assembly phase, which can be very costly to a company.


Intelligent Stores by Storage Solutions: guarantee of a fast and accurate supply.


The productivity of the Pick & Place process increasingly depends on the reduction to zero of errors and waste, without sacrificing speed
Storagesolutions intelligent stores were born after 30 years of experience in the electronics field. It is a solution based on advanced technologies and  updated techniques to optimize time and efficiency of the production process. In this way the procurement and setting up of the machines are quick, precise and functional: at zero errors and at the highest speed.


ISM system: management and total control of reels and components.

More benefits, more competitiveness.
The ISM system is the technological heart of the automatic and semi-automatic stores by SorageSolutions. 
A software for management, verification and tracking, that ensures total control of each component and the best performance in the process of procurement.

All ISM benefits, which allow you to increase your competitiveness:
•    Set up of Pick & Place: over 50% less time than traditional systems.
•    Store under absolute control: certainty at all times on the availability of the necessary components before starting any job order.

•    Recognition precise and accurate in the number of components in stock.
•    Analysis and calculation of the need of components for future productions.
•    Ability to manage the company's outside warehouses immediately.
•    Traceability of mounted components.
•    Possibility of storage in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.
•    Temperature and humidity traceability for any single component.


A unique technology, many successful solutions.

Discover our success stories.
The detailed knowledge of the issues and needs of the industry, coupled with the experience gained in the field.  Our know-how has allowed us to develop over time automatic storage systems to meet specific requirements and tailored to each company.
Find out in the "Case histories" the way in which our projects have improved the productive potential of many of our customers. You will see that the same benefits are available for you too.

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