Vimar SpA

Parola Chiave

This is a company active in since 1945 in the production of electrical and electronic items for domestic and industrial use. Currently, Vimar is using the following stores, provided by Storage Solutions:

n.2 ACS2000
n.1 ACS1070

n.2 ACS400


Through a study done in collaboration with the managers of production and planning of Vimar spa, we verified that about 70% of the largest reels (13/15 ") reaches a size of 16 mm. in height. So we decided to manage reels of this size in a more targeted way, creating two different sizes of cases. Therefore we have produced the new store ACS2000 which is just 50 cm longer than the ACS1500 and can contain more than twice as many reels 13/15". In this way, the picking and assembly activities of Vimar spa are now well managed and faster. Moreover, the information on materials in the stores and available online are more accurate and timely than before. The dedicated software allows to reduce the periodic inventory activities of components and provides the necessary interfacing with data from the ERP system.