MicroAssemblaggi s.r.l.

Tecnologia per competere

Stores by StorageSolutions installed:

2 x ISM400

1 x ISM2000

MicroAssemblaggi is a company active in the assembly of electronic boards using SMT technology, and it also works as a consultant to leading companies in the electronics industry.
Over the years MicroAssemblaggi integrated the service offered to customers by implementing within their own production lines, in addition to the SMT, also the stages of design, automated control AOI, assemblies PTH, ad hoc assemblies, functional testing and packaging, to meet every need of customers. MicroAssemblaggi also offers the possibility to manage warehouses in stock buffer mode, both in open account and in work account.

According to Raffaele Balzano, head of production, the StorageSolutions system has made - in addition to the traceability of the components (which was the primary need of MicroAssemblaggi Srl.) - also a working method that has streamlined all processes, from acceptance to the preparation of the orders of work.