Parola Chiave

For over twenty-five, BTSR is active in the international textile market, and also manufactures electronic sensors and intelligent systems for yarn handling.


The stores by Storage Solutions installed at BTRS are the following:
n.9 ACS1500
n.1 ACS400

In this way, the company can achieve the automated management of over 10,000 reels, sticks and microprocessors trays.


According to the BTRS production managers, the following objectives have been achieved:


  • - unique association of a code to each reel for traceability
    - possibility to withdraw simultaneously more reels or even an entire picking list
    - active monitoring of inventories and under guard
    - easy picking of reels
    - interfacing with internal management software for the insertion of new codes and picking lists
    - elimination of the times of insertion and the picking of components in stock by the operator
    - elimination of production stoppages due to lack of components
    - order, cleaning and optimization of warehouse space