BRC electronic division

BRC Eletronic Division was found in 1980 and is active in these fields: hi-tech printed circuit boards assembly for safety, automotive, protection and satellite positioning services; industrial electronics; domotics. 


Currently, our stores installed at BRC E. D. are the following:
n.4 ACS1500
n.2 ACS400


According to statements of the managers of this company, "the use of stores by STORAGE SOLUTIONS, allowed our production departments to reduce the research and supply times for the necessary reels. The picking of components with incorrect coding, coming from warehouse, has been reduced to zero. In addition, with the help of log-in for every operator, the staff has been made more responsible. It may be added that the internal warehouse management software, combined with our tracking software, has allowed us to store the data of all components used to complete an order and save them on the corporate server."