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AutoSMD software springs from the direct needs that have emerged in more than 17 years of work in the electronic sector.

Thanks to the requests, to collaboration with the most varied situations in the electronic field, and to more than four years of development, AutoSMD software for the management of ACS intelligent automatic warehouses is able to satisfy the demands for a precise and functional control of the components necessary for the company production process.

Quantity control, component traceability, automatic extraction according to the job order, automatic calculation of the components used and of the respective remainders in stock, etc., are only some of the functions of this software conceived for warehouse management.

Thanks to the function that analyses the job orders to be produced it will always be possible to foresee the lack of components and to order them in advance. Our software is a production software (ERP) dedicated to the companies working in the electronic market.

Having the certainty of being able to produce and above all complete a job order without interruptions will be a matter of just a few moments.

Below is a list summing up the main functions available. Now all you need do is view the explanatory video and the installations in which it has already been used for some time in order to realise that it is very probably just what you were waiting for.

Main characteristics:

  • importing, creating, managing components
  • importing, creating, managing reels
  • importing, creating, managing assembled lists
  • importing, creating, managing job orders
  • component traceability
  • automatic extraction of reels from the job order
  • management of extraction with F.I.F.O. logic
  • manual extraction of single or multiple reels
  • analysis of future feasibility for the jobs to be produced
  • printing and exporting in Excel of components missing from the feasibility analysis
  • automatic calculation of the components needed for the job order
  • indication of components where stock is low
  • possibility of setting an expiry date for each component
  • indication of components past their expiry date
  • printing and exporting in Excel of the stock inventory
  • printing and exporting in Excel of components where stock is low
  • registration of the movement of components, reels, work sessions, etc.
  • temperature and humidity traceability for each reel
  • customisable setup of the basic functions
  • customisable setup of authorisations for each operator
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